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I have compiled all the information for you. I am passionate about Art, travel, people, learning about the benefits to fruits and veges, and anti aging products that actually work. here is so much information and products out there all claiming that they can make you look 15 years younger. Let me take the time and do the research for you. I want you to know that when I recommend a product or service to you it’s because it works. You don’t need to waste your time researching and helping others to do just as I have, and many people before me. I distill Information I have accumulated on a specific topics, items, places, products. I have accumulated a lot of information thru the years that…

Who I Am

my background story

For most of my life I have been a source that people come too, to find knowledge about 1 or 2 areas that I have accumulated allot of know in.  In my teens it was where the parties were on Friday and Saturday nite, and who was going to be at which parties. On Friday and Saturday nite early, my phone would be ringing off the hook with inquiring minds wanting to know what was happening.  This was a vital asset to kids in those days being that cell phones weren’t invented yet.  In my 20s and 30s people came to me for anything creative. Like a brochure, Logo design, whether I was capable of taking the assignment on for myself to accomplish, or or I knew the right person, who was the perfect talent to do the job at hand.   I would either orchestrate the project or event, or design, manage take the project on my own from start to finish.

During my 30s and 40s, I was always trying to fix up people, make love connections. I was pretty good at it.  I started these parties called “bring a date but not your own” party, which is what the name implied.  Bring a reasonable good date who for whatever reason is not a match for you, but could be a great connection for one of your friends.  Now, people ask me how is it that I am able to travel six months each year?  The first thing I share with them it’s actually much less expensive to live in many other countries.  Food, medical, transportation, all are less expensive in other countries then found in the USA, Canada and most of Europe.

How I Can Help You Live Like This

Do you love to teach, write, consult, or create?  Think about what you do and consider all the possibilities of working online or electronically.  Research your areas of expertise.  I love to help people, and have figured out a way to do it, and share some” out of the box” solutions along the waymon how to live your dream I’d like to take you along on, on my adventures. You’ll see how I have changed my life using a few basic strategies, that totally transformed my life.

I will point out the similaries that I’ve noticed from people I meet along the way. I have found that we all have totally didferent stories, and yet we all have some specific qualities that we all have in common. I thought about our similarities and noticed that by writing down and utilizing the basic principles we all used it can help you reach your goals of, freedom, adventure, what ever that life looks like for you.

I will show you how to live your life by design.  The rumor is true, I will travel for art, food and adventure.

Living This Way Is An Art

A step by step road-map of how I live this vibrant unconventional lifestyle. If you follow my strategy and the strategy of those already living their dreams, you too could be living yours.

STEP 1-Design

Write down in black & white your detailed, finished outcome. List your dream life, your ideal living scenario.  Research, plan, craft your strategy based on how you want to live.  The key is to narrow down on paper your wants and needs.  Don’t recreate the wheel. Use an existing model or combination of models that have a proven track record of success.  Taylor it to your, unique needs.  Edit, add, revise, rework, define, review you plan.  Define what would be your ideal life if you could write the script.  Define what actions you need to take to help accomplish this dream.  Think out of the box.  Think creatively.  Apply the proven strategies that other people have already used to succeed in attaining that life we all dream about, and are often terrified to make that first step.  Look for new revenue possibilities using your unique skills, and using your strengths, and things you love to do.  Mind-shift to new types of business models.  The old ways of doing business just do not work any more.  Transition to new media, think about online business, services, and passive income possibilities that suit you specifically.

STEP 2- Preparation

Education, knowledge gaining time, production, Refine your design as you go.

STEP 3-Implementation

Living the dream now is the time to implement all you’ve learned, live the life you’ve dreamed, TODAY!

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