Lisa Welcher, Artist

Lisa is an artist who enjoys working in diverse mediums.

“ART-og-raphy” or Atered Images, explore and depict, children, and people in their everyday lives, their work, the buildings surrounding their community, the food they eat, the stores they buy their daily goods from. Her images tell stories of different cultures. Strong compositions, rich pallet and textures, create a freshly unique, contemporary, yet retro feel, of a moment captured in time. Lisa shows us how she see’s the world around her.

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She produces Giclee’s fine art prints of her photo based images, and acrylic paintings, on either fine art canvas, or watercolor paper. She also produces, greeting cards, mixed media, and clay sculptures.construction_sign_blinking

Lisa grew up in an environment where she was free to explore her creative self. Her Father, a naturally creative and technical person influenced her love of tools, and her interest to learn how to put things together.

Lisa’s sense of color has also been enriched by her extensive travels throughout the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Pacific Rim, and the Caribbean.

“I’m inspired by the people, music, costume, and architecture of many cultures.”

The images of these cultures and places are imprinted in her memories and recorded with sketches, watercolors, and photographs. She lives six months a year in San Miguel Allende, MX, and six months in Leucadia California.

Lisa’s artistic photo-based images explore and depict people in their everyday circumstances; in work, around their communities, from the places they gather to the food they eat. Her images tell the stories of real individuals in various cultural settings.

In powerful compositions, masterfully constructed in rich pallets and layered textures, Lisa creates a unique duality of retro-contemporary moments in time.

Her artistry employs fresh and diverse mediums. Mediums include painting, mixed media, collage, assemblage, clay sculpture, and enameling*.

Please visit lisawelcherART.com for her complete portfolio.

Lisa’s artisan greeting card line, available through lisawelcherART.com.

*Not all mediums are represented in the coffee table book.